Sea critters and sixteen

    Sunday night, we had friends in town so it was tourist night. They chose dinner—and J. managed to consume most of a four-pound lobster at The Palm–so we chose what followed. The Palm is conveniently located next to the Hyatt, where the International Mr. Leather was in full effect (see previous post detailing […]

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Summer Musings, Memorial Day Memories

I’m lazing in the grass of the Sculpture Park in Skokie. This is one of my favorite spots in town for a bike ride, a picnic and some serious repose. It’s a little more than 10 miles from my house, which makes it easier to justify a salty and succulent (yes, succulent) gyro from Dengeo’s, […]

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Welcome to My New Blog Spot

I’ve been blogging, up til now, on my website, But today, I’m switching over. I’m hoping to find a blogging community, start a number of blogging conversations with other bloggers and more. I’ve transferred all of the old entries from my old site. I haven’t yet uploaded photos, but will try and do that […]

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5/26/11 Sugar Shack: The Sweets and Snacks Expo 2011

Thank god I had my cavities filled in March, in preparation for sugar season, a.k.a. the Sweets and Snacks Expo, which was in town May 23-25. I spent all morning there, along with my friend Amy Hansen, who is opening her new store, Amy’s Candy Bar (4704 N. Damen) in Lincoln Square in the next […]

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5/24/11 Chicago: The Leather-Bound Edition

The streets of Chicago grow a bit more … rubbery this time of year, particularly around The Hyatt Regency Chicago. That’s because International Mr. Leather is here (that, or the Rapture happened). It’s not uncommon to see men walking around in head-to-toe latex or rubber suits, wearing spiked collars and gag balls like it’s every-day […]

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5/23/11 “You Overdid It.”

I was worried about my attempt at a garden, so a couple of days after planting, I emailed my friend, Deny, who is a farmhand at Hattie’s Garden, an organic farm in Lewes, Delaware. “You overdid it,” she told me. “They won’t get enough nutrients like that.” Apparently, the planter I put not one, not […]

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5/20/11 Twitter Love and Philanthropic Follow-Me Friday

Twitter, I accept you. It’s taken a long time to say that. I started a Twitter account years ago, at the insistence of my talented, foresight-filled friend @Alyssa_LV, aka Alyssa Anderson. Alyssa was one of the first people I met who truly got Twitter. She was its No. 1 proponent, back in the day, when […]

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