11/19/20: Oprah Strikes Again: Groupon Down

Want…Nordstrom…Rack…Groupon. Want…shoes…want….linens…want…fashionable umbrella….want…half price….but no. The queen of all that is worthwhile–Oprah–gave a nod to Groupon this morning and the site’s been struggling ever since, crashing computers and more. I have no problem logging on to the Las Vegas site, which is offering some kind of laser hair removal or something, but not into the Chicago site where I can’ get $50 at Nordstrom Rack for $25.
The last time Groupon struggled like this was when they did their national Gap promotion, selling more than 400,000. I have no doubt the Nordie deal would have done well on its own. Add in the Oprah effect and the Groupon world has clearly tilted on its axis.


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