11/19/20: The WhoVille of Illinois

I’m kind of falling in love with Naperville.
I’ve never been there, but it’s made some wholesome headlines lately that remind me of WhoVille.
A few weeks ago there was a protest of Hooters knock-off (heh, she said knock-off) Show-Mes because it doesn’t mesh with the town’s family values. The restaurant basically features women in tight tops and bunz dressed like they just stepped off a volleyball court walking around to strip club-esque music (disclosure: I’m making that judgment after stopping by their website which plays “American Girl,” “Back in Black” and “Pour Some Sugar”). Garments aren’t removed and the only exposed breasts come from the chickens. Hell, there’s a Show-Mes in Paducah, Kentucky, home of Dippin’ Dots Founder Curt Jones. The protest is even more intriguing (read: asinine) considering the fact that there is already a Hooters in the area (as pointed out by my good friend, Grace). Having moved here from Las Vegas a little more than a year ago, protests like this is about as alarming as, say, a bread-bell that rings when the loaf is replenished at a family buffet.
Now, in the latest development, the mayor of the hamlet has announced his goal of including everyone in the 145,000-strong town in a holiday card photo. Sounds like they’re going to be spelling out a message, but no word as to what it might be. I may just have to go down there and check it out. Perhaps I’ll find Cindy Lou Who wandering around a fudge shop or sipping on a malted while I’m there.


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