12/06/10 Southwest Airline’s Spirit Magazine Receives Four Pearl Awards

I’m thrilled to hear that Spirit Magazine received four Pearl awards for the June, 2010 issue, featuring the cover story “How Jacob Saved Mya.” I wrote the story and photographer Tyler Stableford took the photos of Jacob, a 26-year-old veteran with post traumatic stress disorder, and his black lab, Mya, who saves his life on a daily basis. Mya was trained by a program called Puppies Behind Bars, which pairs pups with prisoners to learn nearly 100 commands, including “pop a corner,” “got my back” “salute,” “zip my jacket” and more. Even more important, Mya is Jacob’s constant companion. The dogs are trained for nearly two years to work specifically with veterans who have psychological disorders.
I traveled to Utah to meet Jacob and Mya for the story, and Jacob was warm, welcoming and open about any question I asked him (he also made me rock climb with him, which didn’t turn out so well for me). It’s the most meaningful story I’ve ever had the privilege of writing and I know that Tyler had a similar experience in shooting the photos. The awards for the piece include best cover (gold), best feature (silver), a bronze for overall design and a gold for another story about dogs published in the issue.  The awards are put on by the The Custom Content Council and recognize the work of custom publications.
Congrats all around!
To read more about Jacob and Mya go here.


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