5/05/11: Self-stalking and the Royal Wedding Collide

I’ve had a Google alert set for myself for years. It’s probably a mix of paranoia, ego and smarts, but it has alerted me to a few useful things a few times–like the fact that a piece I wrote had been published (editors often don’t tell you that kind of thing). Or that my cyber friend and colleague, the other Kate Silver (who’s a fabulous writer, an editor for Patch, a lover of donuts and all-around cool chick) has had something published. But most often, it’s some kind of pairing of “Kate” and “Silver” that have nothing to do with a surname. Lately, thanks to the royal wedding to end all royal weddings, I’ve been getting a lot of those.

Today’s was the Prince William and Kate Silver-Plated Coin from HSN. A few days ago it was the Royal Wedding William Kate Silver Plate Plated Spoon on eBay (it sold for GB 5.50). The list goes on and on, and I won’t bore you with the details. I hope to one day see a clever, coincidental combination surrounding my name, like Kate Silver Lining, Kate Silver Streak, Kate Long John Silver or even Kate Hi-Ho Silver. But for now, I’ll guess I’ll have to settle from the detritus of the royal wedding that’s entranced the world.

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