5/16/11: Aunties R Us

wish I’d thought of SavvyAuntie.com. As a savvy auntie, myself, I think this site, which brings together women who love the children in their lives but didn’t give birth to them, is a great idea. Because we can’t all be mommy bloggers —nor do we all (read: I)  want to be.
I was thinking about this site a lot this weekend, as my family came together for my nephew, Simon’s, third birthday party. The party was held in the auditorium of the local elementary school, where a heap of kids stared, slack-jaw, at the large movie screen, watching “Toy Story” for likely the 10 millionth time. The standard movie treats were handed out–candy, popcorn, juice boxes, and the creme de la creme was the three cakes that my sister, mom, dad, boyfriend and I worked on until nearly midnight the night before. They were truck-shaped cakes that Kim, my sister, baked, and we iced to make realistic, adding a little extra sugar and food color to the creations for good measure. Once the icing was done, Neil and I got to go home. And Kim and her husband, Bob, were up by 6 or so with the kids.
I’m convinced that being an aunt is pretty much the best thing in the world. I get to be there for all of the firsts, whether it’s introducing Simon to his first pickle, listening to Louie flawlessly say “mayonnaise” (thereby expanding his vocabulary of “mama” and “dada”) or adding a new purpose to their toys (clipping a leash on pretty much anything, whether it’s a truck or Louie, means hours of entertainment). They’re always happy to see me, and if they’re stuck on moody island, I always have the option of heading home. Or buying them ice cream and letting their parents deal with the aftermath. It’s a great spot to be, and I couldn’t ask for better nephews.


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