5/23/11 “You Overdid It.”

I was worried about my attempt at a garden, so a couple of days after planting, I emailed my friend, Deny, who is a farmhand at Hattie’s Garden, an organic farm in Lewes, Delaware. “You overdid it,” she told me. “They won’t get enough nutrients like that.”
Apparently, the planter I put not one, not two but five tomato plants in is the proper size for one tomato. And the onions I planted in pretty much every container that could hold soil? Too much, too much, too much. She said that the pepper pot, where I planted three (plus onions), was also going to be overwhelmed. “Peppers might be able to handle more than one but not 3 + onion. Divvy up silver!”
So this weekend I divvied. After speaking with a friend whose mother is a Master Gardener, I realized I didn’t have to invest ridiculous money in new pots for all the plants. I could just drill holes in the bottoms of unused storage containers that are sitting around the house. So that’s what I did. Now I have a very eclectic porch, with one giant blue bin, a horizontal clear container and a mishmash of pots. Most of the plants are looking good, with the exception of the spicy basil, which is withering—already. My porch has become its own reality show. We’ll see who makes it on “Plant Survivor.”
P.S. For some cool insights on farm life check out Deny’s blog, hattiesgardenjournal.blogspot.com.


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