Welcome to My New Blog Spot

I’ve been blogging, up til now, on my website, http://www.thekatesilver.com. But today, I’m switching over. I’m hoping to find a blogging community, start a number of blogging conversations with other bloggers and more. I’ve transferred all of the old entries from my old site. I haven’t yet uploaded photos, but will try and do that in coming days.

Lately, I’ve been concentrating on 30 days of blogging. I still have a few more days to go, and feel like I’m learning a lot about what I want my blog to be. In the past, I’ve struggled to update my own blog frequently, because I wasn’t sure of its voice and breadth. But when you make yourself blog every day (except weekends) that starts to naturally come out. So, bully for me. Now I officially think of myself as a blogger.

Signing into wordpress, I’m reminded that this isn’t my first time around the blogging block. I’ve had a number of blogs over the years: A Full Monty delved into my former crazy landlord encounters, Come to Your Census documented my Census adventures and MyDogisanAhole explores my relationship with my ahole dog (I’m planning to update that more frequently once my 30-day experiment). The difference with my current blog is it’s not anonymous. So there’s that. Blog blog blog.

But what I really want to talk about right now is another revelation from Scripture Candy, the Bible-inspired candy I discovered at yesterday’s Sweets and Snacks Expo 2011. I didn’t find this candy until last night, when I was going through my sugar haul. That’s because the Scripture Candy folk sneaked it into my bag (and thank god for that!) while I was interviewing the company’s president.

After sampling aerated chocolate, zombie-hair cotton candy (filled with pop rocks), “farts,” fudge and more, I came across this small, white and purple bag of seemingly innocent jelly beans, with a “To” and “From” label on it. Then I flipped it over.

On the back is a poem, which says:

“Thank you, Lord, for these jelly beans.

That remind me of your love.

Black represents my sinful heart

Keeping me from you above.

Red represents the blood you shed

To provide salvation free.

White shows the cleansing of my sin

As I put my faith in Thee.

Yellow is for heaven above

My new home I’ll have someday.

Green is for the growth I will see

As I read your Word and pray.

Purple shows you are King of all,

The one I choose to obey.

Thank you, Lord, for these jelly beans.

They mean more than words can say.”

Along the side of the bag is a series of jelly beans matching up, by color, with each line of text. Inside each jelly bean is a single word. They read as follows:

Black jelly bean: Sin

Red jelly bean: Jesus’ blood

White jelly bean: Clean

Yellow jelly bean: Heaven

Green jelly bean: Growth

Purple jelly bean: Royalty

Pink jelly bean: Thank you

Orange jelly bean: Lord!

I haven’t opened the bag yet, but I’m guessing that the black and red are the tastiest, and that the yellow might not react too well with my digestive tract. But we’ll see!


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