Sea critters and sixteen





Sunday night, we had friends in town so it was tourist night. They chose dinner—and J. managed to consume most of a four-pound lobster at The Palm–so we chose what followed. The Palm is conveniently located next to the Hyatt, where the International Mr. Leather was in full effect (see previous post detailing that). We considered going in, but Neil remembered some of the details shared with him by past attendees (details like, “the syphilis rate in Chicago skyrockets for a spell after IML,” and decided maybe it was best to just walk by and observe the porte cochere brimming with bootstraps and bootblacks, rather than infiltrating the scene.

We saw a lot of assless chaps, collars, leashes and Bruno’s. It was like a hardcore motorcycle gang, with extremely detailed body waxing. Some of the men were in full makeup (one reminded me of a bride inspired by Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, or, GLOW), others wore everyday clothes, with pants tucked into a giant pair of boots that would have made the Nazi’s swoon. But most were baring skin and stretching out their leather duds in all different areas. Walking up the street, J. remarked to his girlfriend, “It’s just like home. He’s pulling him on a leash!”

We passed the shangri-la of studs on, yes, Wacker Drive (heh), and crossed over to Trump Tower, where we headed straight up to the 16th floor for an after-dinner drink. It was one of the first summery nights we’ve had this year. An earlier downpour had left behind a breezy night of perfection. And as we sipped our $29 glasses of Perrier-Jouët and $19 glasses of Cabernet, we were treated to one of the most beautiful views of Chicago there is. On the 16th floor, we could glance in front of us and see, in close proximity, the clock from the Wrigley Building and the intricate Gothic touches of Tribune Tower (my favorite building in town). You could also see the reflection of both buildings in the Trump building, as seen in the photos above.

The view made the pricey drinks well worth it, and I plan on returning here with many guests in the future.


2 thoughts on “Sea critters and sixteen

  1. That is one of the most interesting things I have ever heard of in my life. Mostly I’m curious as to how tasty the meat of a four pound monstrous lobster actually tastes because I’ve heard they are sweeter and more tender when small. Mr. Leather sounds like a bad acid trip from the eighties. I like it.

    1. He said that it was a little overcooked. He’s from Key West, a native, known as a “conch,” so he knows his sea-bug meat. He also knows how to chase lobsters with a tickle stick.

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