Summer is Here: Weekend’s Top 10 Revelations List

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10. The Indiana Dunes/beach areas are actually a lot nicer than I ever thought. Indiana, itself, could really use some help though. How can lake-centric cities in Illinois, Wisconsin and Michigan be so wonderful, and Indiana be so… not. (see photo)

9. Pizza served out of a 1949 Studebaker fire truck in Beverly Shores, Indiana is quite delicious. Thank you, Rolling Stonebaker. (see photo)

8. There is a place in Indiana called the Anderson’s Feline Population Reduction Center. It took a bit of research to learn that their primary function is spaying and neutering, and not feline genocide. (see photo)

7. Polish pickle soup is delicious, particularly when eaten on the lakeside patio at Reflections on Deep Lake, in Lake Villa, Illinois. It’s brimming with dill, potatoes, carrots and, of course, pickles, and I could have eaten a vat of it. (see photo)

6. Jet skiing is fun once every three years or so. Maybe once every five years. We rented one at Chain O Lakes in Lake County, Illinois and got it to go up to 44 mph. We tried to catch a low-flying egret (or some other lake-dwelling bird) but failed.

5. Quick tip for vermiphiliacs: There is a vending machine at a Marathon gas station near Lake Villa, Illinois that sells bait and tackle. (see photo)

4. Bandai’s Werewolf Fur crackling cotton candy is kind of disgusting. This 65-calorie pack of radioactive-green confection is filled with pop rocks and it will make sick even the greatest of sugar elves. (see photo).

3. Dinkel’s doughnuts are pretty darn amazing. But if you decide to start a steamy Saturday morning out with a chocolate covered doughnut and a bacon maple doughnut, don’t plan on having a productive day. (see photo)

2. Lucille 3 looks exactly like an Indiana doe.

1. Biking 23 miles through Indiana one day and then 10 miles through Illinois the next day is not nearly enough pedaling to burn off a ridiculous weekend of consumption, which included the aforementioned bacon maple and chocolate doughnut, choke-n-shroom pizza, a cheeseburger, fries, polish pickle soup, crab cake in phyllo dough, lasagna, fresh mozz and tomatoes, chocolate cake, peach mango gelato and more. Almost all of this consumption was for work assignments, which means that at least my bank account will grow with my weight. Of course, I know from experience it’s easier to lose the money than it is the fat.


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