Jellies at the Shedd

Fun Facts about Jellyfish – Jellyfish have no brain, heart of bones. They just have sex organs.”You’re as simple as a jellyfish” is one of my favorite insults. -Jellyfish can double in size from one day to the next if they have enough food. -The sting of a jellyfish seems to be calmed by clownfish […]

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A Giardiniera Adventure

Winner, winner, giardiniera adventure dinner. Thanks to all who participated in my recent blog poll. This giardiniera adventure is for you. Seems everybody wants to talk about giardiniera these days. It came up a couple of months ago, at a party. I mentioned that I’d yet to have Italian beef (a dish that’s popular in […]

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Brand New Key

I heard this ’70’s song, “Brand New Key,” by Melanie, for the first time, and it’s been in my head for days. I looked around online to see if it’s old or new (it’s so catchy and simple it could have been made at any time) and I found this cool video that someone made […]

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Storm Hits Roscoe Village

It rolled in within minutes, around 8:10 this morning, with gusting winds, streams of rain and claps of thunder. Cars were going the wrong way down Ravenswood (pictured above). It’s calmed down now, after about 40 minutes, but the thunder is still rolling. From lightening-struck trees to car-punched branches, here’s the ‘hood minutes after the […]

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