Top Medical Marijuana Dispensary Names


I have high (heh) expectations for certain industries when it comes to their business names. Take hair-cutting salons (Scissor’s Palace), tattoo parlors (Precious Slut 5) and colonic parlors (Stream of Life). Those high (heh) expectations hold true when it comes to medical marijuana, dispensaries, too. I did a quick search to see if the ganja gurus are living up to my expectations. Here’s the best of what I found.

Daddy Fat Sacks (Denver, Colorado)

Budmart (Riverside, California)

The Green Cross (Boulder, Colorado)

Cloud 9 Collective (Costa Mesa, California)

Club Meds (Santa Ana, California)

Granny Purps (Soquel, California)

Dancing Bear Dispensary (Scottsdale, California)

Clone Zone (Ann Arbor, Michigan)

Cow Pasture Caregivers (Lewiston, Maine)

Ganja Gourmet (Denver, Colorado)

House of Kush (Boulder, Colorado)

Forgotten Knowledge Collective (Valley Springs, California)

Budood Deliveries (Hesperia, California)

Le Pew (Arleta, California)

Strain Train (San Marcos, California)

The Karmaceuticals Team (Denver, Colorado)

The ReLeaf Center (Denver, Colorado)

Mr. Stinky’s (Denver, Colorado)

Nuggetry San Diego (San Diego, California)

Dank City (Long Beach, California)


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