Storm Hits Roscoe Village

It rolled in within minutes, around 8:10 this morning, with gusting winds, streams of rain and claps of thunder. Cars were going the wrong way down Ravenswood (pictured above). It’s calmed down now, after about 40 minutes, but the thunder is still rolling. From lightening-struck trees to car-punched branches, here’s the ‘hood minutes after the storm.


Update: Less than two hours later, the man in neon vests are out cleaning it up. I love our neighborhood.



2 thoughts on “Storm Hits Roscoe Village

  1. Fires,floods,droughts,severe storms,snow in July,searing,brutal heat across much of the nation.
    What’s next ?
    The dice are loaded this summer of 2011 and Chicago is right in the middle of it all.

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