Coming Soon to 3DTV: Me and Meat

We had a late lunch at La Madia yesterday, one of our go-to spots for pizza in the Loop. When we arrived, they warned us that a film crew was there taping something for an upcoming show that will be on 3DTV, in partnership with the Discovery Channel. The show, they said, is all about meat, and will feature the lamb sausage pizza. They haven’t come up with a title for the show yet. Perhaps Meat Man or Carnivore Life, or something like that.

So we’re enjoying a melted leek, goat cheese and pancetta pizza, and one of the guys with the show comes up to our table and asks if we’d be willing to participate in the show. Basically, he says, they’d film us eating their pizza. We’d get free pizza out of it.

We agree without hesitation, and they mic us up and set us at the bar. There, they serve us a lamb sausage pizza and ask us to talk about how good it is. Other than that, they say, just be normal. We stopped ourselves from saying “This lamb sausage isn’t nearly as terrible as I thought it would be,” and “I don’t usually eat babies but today is special,” and hammed it up for the camera, slurping cheese, proclaiming “That lamb sausage is delicious!” and discussing how wonderful La Madia is.

At the end of the meal, our server was kind enough to say that our meal was taken care of.

Who knows if the show will make it to TV, and, if it does, if we’ll ever know anyone who has a 3DTV, but at least we got a free meal out of it, and we got to publicly proclaim our love (henceforth unknown, at least, for me) for lamb sausage. In the city of encased meats, carnal tube-age wins again.


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