Chicago’s Newest New York-Style Pizza: Jimmy’s Pizza Cafe. Go, go, go.

There’s a new pizza place in town, and this one is gooooood. Jimmy’s Pizza Cafe, located at 5159 N. Lincoln (at Lincoln and Foster) serves big, cheesy New-York style pizza by the slice. Jimmy, the owner, moved here from New York and couldn’t find a good slice of NY-style pie. So he opened up his own casual place in early August, and says the reception, so far, has been fantastic. You’ll find him behind the counter here, and a nice woman, whom I presume is his mom, helps him out, heating up the slices and frying up dough to order.

Go here once and you’ll be ready to return. I am. The crust is phenomenal, with a memorable snap and addictive flavor. I had a slice of cheese, and everything about it was exactly the way a good slice of pizza should be. I fought off the urge to have another slice, and I’m glad I did. That way, I felt slightly less guilty about what was up next: made-to-order beignets. Sound like a weird gimmick for a pizza joint? I asked Jimmy about it and he explained that the common pizza joint dessert in New York is zeppole, which is basically fried pizza dough. With his beignets, he decided to just improve upon the concept. And improve upon it he did.


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