Fun with Burrata

I only recently discovered burrata cheese. Soon after moving to Chicago, I had dinner with friends at La Madia. A burrata pizza was on the menu. I asked my chef friend what burrata is, and she said it’s mozzarella made with cream. Which is true, but it’s so much more interesting than that. It’s indeed mozzarella shreds, which are put into a big basin of heavy cream. Then, the cheesemaker makes a pouch of mozzarella, and fills it with this mozz-cream mixture. The result is creamed mozzarella action, all tied up inside a gastric-bypass-like pouch of stretchy fresh mozzarella cheese. And it’s wonderful. Watch the video here and then get on over to Whole Foods or La Madia and savor the pouch innards.


One thought on “Fun with Burrata

  1. Ditto Ditto Ditto – secret society. Gene’s used to sell it, every so often, and now they make me starve – like a mean drug dealer…

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