Thanksgiving in September

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What a Labor Day.

The parentals were in town, so it was a relaxing, mellow weekend, with lots of fresh air, fresh food and catching up. We biked, we drank wine, we ate pizza.

Yesterday, we took feasting to a new level. With refreshing temperatures in the 60s, we spent just about the entire day cooking, cleaning, going to the store and cooking some more. I made two beer-can chickens on the grill. One of those was transformed into butter chicken/chicken makhani, along with three different peppers from my garden (jalapeno, serrano and reddish green). I also made a pineapple upside down cake and Neil had his first attempt at cheese. (Attempt No. 2 will likely happen tonight). He also grilled up a diving naan. Then the parentals, the sister and bro-in-law and the nephews came over to help us eat it all. We made a pretty good dent (which is why there are only “before” photos and not after).

Every Labor Day should be filled with such enjoyable labor.


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