Today is the First Day of the Rest of Her Life?

There’s a sense of pride and accomplishment in this photo, don’t you think? This was the day Lucille graduated from six weeks in obedience school. She finished the class on a high note, performing a series of five tricks (sit, down, watch me, touch, crawl) with aplomb. Then, when we were circling the room, she decided to pee on the floor for all to see. Still, it didn’t totally dampen the pride.

The photo was taken about eight months ago, and it’s all gone downhill since. Today, I’m sinking more money into the creature and hoping that this time it takes (for myself, Neil and Lucille’s sake–we’re all in this thing). Today, Lucille begins boot camp.

I have mixed feelings on boot camp, but I’ve developed mixed feelings on a lot of things since adopting Lucille. I used to think there were no bad dogs, just bad dog owners. After watching her devolve into a snarling mess at the sight of a dog, an old person or a child countless times, I no longer feel that way. But I do feel that whatever is going on is out of my control, so I’m turning her over to Chicago’s dog whisperer, Curtis Scott.

But before any rehabilitation can begin, I have to get through a vet visit (so many potentially debilitating variables–dog, cats, walkers, canes, skateboards) and dropping her off at the dog-filled facility. Hopefully they’ll allow her to stay.

When I pick her up in two weeks, I’m not hoping for a different dog. I do love the dog that she is (as long as other people and dogs aren’t around, then she’s crazy). But I’m hoping for a dog whose overwhelming anxiety and general sense of crazy is on the back burner, and so the more lovable aspects can shine through.



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