To NaNoWriMo or Not to NaNoWriMo

I first heard about NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) about 10 years ago, and thought, “I should do that.” “That” being write a 50,000-word novel in 30 days. At the time, I had a full-fledged job–a staff writer job, no less–where I generally had to be certain places at certain times and, more notably, I […]

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Avianism: Something to Crow About

While walking through the neighborhood yesterday, I heard an alarmingly distressed flock of birds not quite cawing, more a nails-on-chalkboard symphony of “keeer!” from a tree. I pictured a combination of Tipi-Hedren-meets-Norman-Bates gently taking twine to wrap each “keering” bird and dangle it, in a bound Christmas ornament-style, to the tree (I should mention that […]

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Another Dispatch from the Patch

Just can’t get enough pumpkineering. We hit another Pumpkin Patch this weekend (this was another location of Goebbert’s) and this time we fed the giraffes. I can’t get over how enormous their eyes are, and their slow and graceful lope. Neil exerted mind control over one of them and had it eating seeds from his […]

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No Patch Beats a Pumpkin Patch

  As promised, my photogenic visit to the pumpkin patch. No, there was no naked pumpkin racing. No pumpkin kayaks, no shooting of pumpkins. But there were two giraffes. There were two Bengal tiger cubs. There was a pumpkin eating dinosaur and a maize maze and oh so much more. I’ve highlighted the experience on […]

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Are You Out of Your Gourd? Then Head to These Extreme Celebrations of Pumpkin

It’s pumpkin patch season, and in Chicago, that means big business for area farms, who don’t just sell pumpkins, they sell admission to an entire autumnal carnival, chock-a-block with camel rides, pig races, pony rides, petting zoos, kettle corn, maize mazes and the list goes on. Tomorrow, I’m going to Goebberts Pumpkin Patch, which has […]

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