Another Dispatch from the Patch

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Just can’t get enough pumpkineering. We hit another Pumpkin Patch this weekend (this was another location of Goebbert’s) and this time we fed the giraffes. I can’t get over how enormous their eyes are, and their slow and graceful lope. Neil exerted mind control over one of them and had it eating seeds from his ice cream cone for a good two minutes (that’s two minutes more than anyone else could manage). We also learned that giraffes don’t like eating from your hand. They much prefer to eat out of a cup or cone and minimize contact. Can’t say I blame them.

Other highlights: My boyfriend kissed a warthog, a pumpkin-eating dinosaur, and all kinds of ghost pumpkins. When we carve our creations I’ll post photos. Until then, I’ll very hard to limit my gourd coverage.


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