Black Bean Brownies? Blacklisted

Over the weekend I decided to look into some recipes that maybe weren’t exactly healthy, but weren’t teenaged-boy unhealthy. Somehow, somewhere along the way, I encountered black bean brownies. I’ll let that sink in. Black. Bean. Brownies. Maybe your response is a little like mine: Nausea. Consideration. Intrigue. Nausea. And, finally, why-the-hell-not? derringdo. It kinda […]

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2012 is the Year of Travel

I went on some fantastic adventures in 2011–Copenhagen, Iceland, Jamaica, New York, St. Louis. But without a doubt, travel in 2012 is going to blow 2011 away. Sadly, Iceland won’t be on the list this year, but just six weeks into the year and I’ve taken four trips already, three of which have been for […]

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Forbes Magazine Names Chicago 6th Most Miserable City: If This is Misery, Call Me a Masochist.

  Thank you, Forbes, for naming Chicago the sixth most miserable city in the nation. In doing so, I imagine you’re keeping some sort of riffraff away and further endearing the city to those of us who live here and love it. That’s right, love it.  I’ve lived in Houston, Oberlin, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Las […]

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Super Bowl Sunday Eats: A Fast-Food Fried-Chicken Taste Test

It started with a commercial. Greasy human fingers were gleefully ripping apart finger-like tendrils of Popeye’s fried chicken from what looked like a fried palm.

“Have you seen this? The Chicken Ripper?” asked Neil. “It looks like a hand.”

“I want to put White Castle Chicken Rings on that Popeye’s chicken hand,” I said.

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