Latest Stories on Breastfeeding

For someone who has no children (but tries to be a good aunt) I have learned a LOT about breastfeeding and other parental issues over the years. Most recently, I wrote four stories about breastfeeding for

I learned things that are pretty fascinating: that there are very few (if any) foods to avoid while nursing, because the body takes what it needs from stores and doles it out to the baby, filtering all the bad stuff. That during the first few days of life, a baby’s body pretty much works like clockwork and you can predict its poop (my personal fav it the yellow seeds of, I believe, day four, which I got to see once, courtesy of my nephew, Louie). That certain cultures consider the colostrum (that’s the first milk) dirty. The list goes on. Whether you’re breastfeeding, considering breastfeeding or just fascinated by the potential of breasts, here are the stories:


How to Find a Lactation Consultant

Common Breastfeeding Myths

Should you Avoid Certain Foods While Breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding 101: Letting Your Newborn Set the Schedule


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