Getting Elbow Deep in PlayDoh in the Name of National PlayDoh Day

My friends at The Firm Public Relations & Marketing in Las Vegas have put out a call to action: Sculpt, ye sculptors, with this clay of many colors, for National PlayDoh Day is upon us September 16, 2012.

Actually, they sent me a bunch of cute little PlayDoh containers in the mail, appealed to my competitive streak with a PlayDoh contest and baited me with the possibility of winning an iPad or a $100 American Express gift card. All I had to do was create a scintillating sculpture and submit to the competition before September 5.

With that, I grabbed a couple of buckets of my mom’s homemade play dough (notice the spelling difference–she’s a retired teacher and doesn’t spell dough “doh”), which she sends to her grandkids–i.e. my nephews–by the gallon, bought some new “sculpting clay” (the old-fashioned toy store closest to my house has what may or may not be a more natural version of PlayDoh, but no actual PlayDoh) and rallied with my sister to entice her kids/my nephews, Simon, 4, and Louie, 2, to engage in a little child labor for the sake of competition. Behold…the, ahem, curated results.

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