Meats of Pamplona: A slideshow

It was a carne-val of flavors (get it? carne-val? get it?). Here are some choice shots of meat across Pamplona. Salud!   Advertisements

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Breaking News! Slideshow from My Travels to #Pamplona, Spain

I’ve spent the last week in Pamplona, Spain and surrounding areas, eating wonderful food, drinking incredible wine, touring palaces, churches, cathedrals and citadels and practicing–un poquito–my Spanish. Contrary to popular American belief, there were no siestas and there was no sangria. But there are crave-able artichokes and white asparagus, an unending supply of cod, bulls […]

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Hemingway in Pamplona–A Slideshow

Hemingway is truly the Papa of Pamplona. Before he traveled there in the early 1920s, America hadn’t yet heard of the Running of the Bulls. Following publication of The Sun Also Rises, participation in the event exploded, making it what it is today. Papa is spoken of with great reverence around town, and all kinds […]

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