What’s Next at Next? More Than 600 Fans Chime in

If you haven’t “Liked” Next Restaurant on Facebook, then you’re missing out. This revered Grant Achatz eatery, which ingeniously instituted a ticket system that has foodies all out clamoring to get a table (take my $200+!), has quite a bevy of groupies. Few other websites can, essentially, ask how your day is going and get 2 million instant responses (OK, that’s an exaggeration–Doc Phil, NayGray, Oprah and Wal-Mart have mastered it). Last night, Next outdid itself. The restaurant posed a question that has drawn some of the best comments ever.

Next: “Well, we are starting to pin down some discussions and ideas for our three menus of 2013… I’d like to hear your ideas. What would get you tremendously excited to come in to see us Next year? (serious ideas only, please…)”

In 13 hours, the restaurant has gotten 100 “likes” and more than 660 responses. Many suggested French Laundry, and there was an array of cultural and time-travel suggestions (Vietnam, Indian, Korean all stood out). Then there are the fun ones. Here are some of my favorites (the good, the bad and the just plain wacky):

– Snakes on a Plate

– Texmex

-Polish hunters food

-Route 66 – classic American drive-in food.. with a twist, of course.

– Death Row Last Meals

-Fast food. Take the menu of McDonalds and recreate the dishes in the most creative ways possible.

– The Last Supper

– Hotdish

– Tastes like chicken

– Wisconsin state fair 1991

– 1893 World Fair / Columbian Exposition in Chicago

– Hot Pockets

– Puberty

– Cannibalism

– Ode to Offal

– The solar system

– The life of a caterpillar from beginning stages to building cocoon to butterfly

– Merlin collaborating with the cooks from Camelot

Can you top those?


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