Chevy and Argonne: Battery Powered!

I’m excited to announce my latest story on Chevy Culture, a lifestyle and auto site sponsored by Chevrolet. Click through for the full post on Argonne National Lab’s work on developing the technology in the Chevy Volt battery (and come back in the next few weeks and months for more). Advertisements

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A turducken of notes

1. First, on the turducken note, Paulina Meat Market have turduckenloaf (not to be confused with the baconbird above). Because the loaf is 10 pounds lighter and about $90 cheaper than the turducken, itself, we’re loafing it this Thanksgiving (along with a 15-pound bird and a five-pound breast, and, from what I understand, the possibility […]

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Spanx For Men. They exist.

Happened upon Spanx for men at Nordstrom the other day and had to take a photo. Next step: Convince Neil to wear them so he can guest blog a review. Advertisements

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