A turducken of notes

1. First, on the turducken note, Paulina Meat Market have turduckenloaf (not to be confused with the baconbird above). Because the loaf is 10 pounds lighter and about $90 cheaper than the turducken, itself, we’re loafing it this Thanksgiving (along with a 15-pound bird and a five-pound breast, and, from what I understand, the possibility of a Baskin-Robbins turkey cake.

2. I’ve been working on some fun stories and projects lately Most recent additions to the new client list: American Cowboy Magazine, for which I wrote about the female trail boss who’s the “boss lady” of the Fort Worth herd. I also recently sold a piece to Wine Enthusiast, which will run in the March issue. And I sold a piece to Madison Magazine that will run in February. The Chicago Tribune ran a piece on a recent adventure of mine, exploring the arts scene in Indianapolis (there is one! It’s a fun trip! And you get to eat fried pork!) I got to role play during a media training with a non-profit a couple of times recently. During that project, I wore my reporter hat into a series of interviews and grilled a number of staff about a variety of issues, and then I got to critique their delivery and explain what I’m looking for when I’m doing an interview. Looks like I’ll be doing more of that in coming months.

3. I got a story in the Washington Post! This accomplishment gets its very own paragraph, because I’m pretty thrilled about it. The piece is about searching for bull meat in Pamplona, Spain and it ran as a “Smart Mouth” Column November 9. It’s already been picked by a few other papers.

4. We will be bull-dog sitting over the holidays. Two, wrinkly, pig-nosed, adorable beasts. This is exciting for a number of reasons, but mostly I’m hoping that Lucille will be so excited about herding the bull dogs that she’ll forget her poor manners. My nephews are already clamoring to meet the “buuuuuuuuull dogs.”


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