10 Things I Did Not Do in 2012

As the end of the year approaches, the love affair with lists begins. Lists of what people saw, did, heard and conquered. Well I’m joining in. I’m going to create as many lists as I can in the next couple of weeks. Anyone other bloggers care to join in? Let the lists begin.

10 Things I Did Not Do in 2012

10.  I did not make a veiled or unveiled reference to Gangnam style in anything that I wrote (this list doesn’t count).

9.  I did not buy an iPad, an iPad mini or an iPhone of any kind. Nor did I stand in line for any new piece of technology.

8. I did not ask a Walgreens’ pharmacist to inject my dog’s Prozac pills with salmon or beef flavor (although I’m making no commitments for 2013).

7. I did not have a clay paw print made from Carl the Cat when Carl the Cat was humanely put to rest this year. I find that to be a rather creepy add-on to pet euthanasia.

6. I did not die on a bike trip from Chicago to Canada, despite the fact that I rode 60 miles in triple digit temps. Life is good!

5. I did not learn to speak Spanish, despite a small effort to do so. And despite an amazing trip to Pamplona, Spain.

4. I did not purchase a pair of Spanx for men.

3. I did not start an all out campaign decrying the mere IDEA of black bean brownies. But I should have.

2. I did not delete all of my photos from Instagram because I never took any photos on Instagram.

1. I did not remember what “Keno” was. Reading the word this year was like reading a foreign language. Three and a half years after moving away from Vegas, how quickly the mind forgets.


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