The 15 Most Memorable Things I Ate in 2012

It’s been a food- and travel-filled year and I hardly regret any of the calories I consumed (with the exception of the garlic bread from Michael Jordan’s steakhouse. I don’t get the cult following this drippy cheese- and butter- infused bread has drummed up, and I would take those calories back in an artery-clogged heartbeat).

Here are the items I ate that I liked enough to remember.

15. Lasagne from Frenchies in Houston–a childhood and now adult favorite.

14. Burger and fries from In-N-Out in Las Vegas (it took leaving Las Vegas and moving to Chicago, aka an In-N-Out-free zone to finally understand the cult following of this burger spot.)

13. Green sauce from Ninfa’s in Houston. I could drink this by the gallon.

12. Sunchoke soup from Goosefoot in Chicago. There’s foam on top and a ridiculously addictive little cheese pastry puff on the side.

11. Steak sandwich from Gibson’s in Chicago. I have new found respect for both steaks and sandwiches, neither of which generally enter my vocabulary.

10. Duck nachos at Dorado in Chicago. Go. Order. Eat. So good.

9. Roasted chicken at Maison in Chicago. I’m not sure if I prefer the chicken, itself, or the delicious bread below it that sops up all the juices.

8. Carbonated fruit from Moto at Chicago Gourmet. It pops in your mouth.

7. Hoosier pork sandwich from Plump’s Last Shot in Indianapolis. The size of Indiana, it was memorable to say the least.

6. Daikon soup with foie gras sawdust from Restaurante Rodero in Pamplona, Spain. The best preparation of foie gras ever. Served in shaved bits, it melted in the hot broth.

5. Artichoke salad from LaNuez in Pamplona, Spain. I could eat this at every meal for the rest of my life and not tire of it.

4. Cauliflower salad from Nana in Chicago. Cauliflower + Brussels sprouts + celery = shockingly delicious.

3. Pizza from Jimmy’s Pizza in Chicago in Chicago.

2. Potato-filled dosa from Uru-Swati in Chicago. This Indian crepe is two feet long!

1. Brussels sprouts from Purple Pig in Chicago. OMG.


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