Join Me on a Spooky Ride Down the ET Highway in My Latest Piece

The truth is out there, you say? I take a ride down Nevada’s famous ET Highway, on the outskirts of top-secret Area 51, to see if I can get a glimpse of that truth–or, at least, a little green man. Read about it here, in my latest piece for Chevy Culture.


3 thoughts on “Join Me on a Spooky Ride Down the ET Highway in My Latest Piece

  1. I am 65 yrs old and have had a couple of weird experiences on the ET Hwy. Once involving 2 weird air ships that sprayed me and about 10,000 grasshoppers and immediately after I was violently sick for the next 4 days. I kept some of those grasshoppers that were still hanging unto my windshield wipers and put them in a bottle and their in my safe now. I am wondering if what ever I was sprayed with killed them so quickly what was it going to do to me. Now that was quite a few years ago and I have developed some strange illnesses since then.
    Once on the same Hwy and I was surrounded by a swarm of beautiful butterfly’s all different kinds and all different colors and sizes. It seemed as if they were swarming in the same direction the grasshoppers had. And another time where my grandson and I stopped into Rachael’s restaurant and it was chock full of people talking about their close encounters. I had been in there many times before in the past but this time it was packed with people and no cars in the front. We were thinking we were in the twilight zone until something came in threw the back door surrounded with fog and smoke. It was really eerie. And then someone tossed a bunch of papers unto our table and I noticed it was a script of some sort. I talked to someone behind the counter and they said that they were shooting a film here. Wish I had kept the script now instead of just walking out very much relieved.

  2. I think the bang you heard was from the guards,so that you would have an E.T. experience to tell your friends about.So after sitting there for so long that you didn’t go home empty handed.Nice of them,although a scary one, to give you a memory of your trip.

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