7 Things Women Ask About Sex (Behind Closed Doors)


I just started writing for the site Divine Caroline, and I’m pretty thrilled to be writing for the estrogen set again. It’s been awhile! For my latest piece, “7 Things Women Ask About Sex (Behind Closed Doors),” I had a wonderful and candid conversation with Dana Froneberger, who has been a Passion Parties rep for the last 11 years (she’s now an executive director with about 400 on her team).

I loved speaking to her, because it was just so …. normal. She didn’t try to tell me about how to have “mind-blowing sex” or about the weird things that women ask (and believe me, I tried to get it out of her!). Instead, she made it clear that, as women, we all want the same thing: We want to make the best of our sex life. We want to have a great time with our partner. We want to feel fulfilled and fulfilling. And we want to feel like we’re normal.

It makes me pretty happy to write a piece that, granted, will never make the cover of Cosmo. But I know it brings up info that we can all use. And, to be honest, where else do we get this kind of insight?

Please check the piece out, and, if you like it, I’d love for you to share it. This is the kind of perspective that, I think, is refreshing for us all.

(I also included the top 10 selling products from Passion Parties, which, honestly, who doesn’t want to know about those?)


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