A Roundup of Juggalo/Juggalette Tweets and Stuff from ICP The Gathering


Last weekend was the annual The Gathering, a miraculous magnet for Insane Clown Posse fans, aka juggalos and juggaletttes, held in Cave-in-Rock, Illinois, at Hog Rock. I did not attend the fest, but I’ve been absorbing all that was from afar. The images, they abound.

I recently discovered the poetry of ICP (like these lyrics, to “Miracles” — “Music is a lot like love, it’s all a feeling/And it fills the room, from the floor to the ceiling/I see miracles all around me/Stop and look around, it’s all astounding/Water, fire, air and dirt/Fucking magnets, how do they work?”) and that, coupled with my love of subcultures, led me to an ICP wrestling match in Detroit last winter.


There, at St. Andrew’s Hall, Faygo was sprayed, friends were made, a one-legged man won a wrestling match and oh so much more.

One day, maybe, I’ll make it down to Hog Rock.

But until then, I’ll have to settle for rounding up tweets and photos online.

Here are some favorites:

EuneidaBlaqueDiqq@Anna_NguyenTour “I’m writing a how to book based on what I’ve learned “how to get your juggalette wet (with and without the use of faygo).” #WOW

@keepitwolfson “Violent J looks like a cross between Louis CK and Mini Me”

Ben Kaplan@automatikben In the talent portion of the Miss Jugalette contest one of the girls rolled a joint.” … “The girl who blew fireballs and had a bleached predator haircut ended up winning.”
Andrew Torres@Andrewbluhhd420 “Theres a 5 day Jugalo party going on.I missed it last year thats only cuz my gf said she was going to have our bby and shed hit me w/a bat”

Vince Mancini@Filmdrunk Insane Clown Posse must account for a good 30% of Faygo‘s total annual income. (pic via @Eisentower30). http://instagram.com/p/c7BC0rm6cr/

@KRaZiKiLLeTTe @BattyDisaster: I may not know how magnets work, but baby I know we work. #juggalo #PickUpLines” original! Haha”

wesley m hiner@jestr2011 im in need of a down freaky juggalette #thefamily”


Upchuck the Clown posted the following photo, tweeting, “And now I’m ready for the gathering. #GOTJ”


There was the Make-A-Wish Kid who got a lap dance at The Gathering.

A man who cut off and then sold his nipple (in front of a crowd), scored $158.

A juggalo/juggalette wedding cake took the cake

And here’s a photo from the Miss Juggalette contest.


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