O, Evergleam Aluminum Christmas Tree

Photo courtesy the Wisconsin Historical Society Museum Collection.

In some families, the discussion comes up every year: Christmas tree, real or fake? In my mom’s family, it was never a talking point. That’s because my grandfather is the man who brought aluminum Christmas trees to the people. I got the chance to write about my family’s story for Divine Caroline.

O, Aluminum Christmas Tree

How the bright, sparkly, pink, blue, green and gold metallic Christmas tree is a part of my family tree

When my mom and her sister think back to their early Christmases, growing up in the ‘50s and ‘60s, they remember the aluminum Christmas trees.

“The pink one in the dining room on the table had angels on it. The one in the bar in the furnished basement was a 6-foot gold with felt apples. And the one in the living room was an 8-foot silver tree with a shining light. And we took a 2-foot one into the classroom every year,” says my mom, Jeanne Silver, mentally ticking through the artificial forest.  Read more.



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