Zipping through Chicago in an Indy Car

If you recently heard a window-shaking vroom! vroom! on the north side of Chicago, that might have been me, riding though town in the back seat of a street-legal Indy Car.

The Indianapolis Convention & Visitors Association came to Chicago to promote the new Indy Racing Experience, which puts you in the seat driver or passenger seat of a real race car, zipping around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Riding around Chicago, it was a blast watching people’s reactions. The best moment, hands down, was when a pair of twins asked if they could take a photo of the car, and then carefully positioned themselves in front of it, selfie-style. The worst part was getting stuck in traffic in a race car (sweet home, Chicago). All in all, a once-in-a-lifetime experience that makes me love my travel writing job.



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