What if elder care involved farm-to-table meals, herbal supplements and yoga? In Vermont, that’s how Living Well rolls….

One of my more interesting projects of late was writing the story of how a senior residential care facility in Vermont, called Living well, is using a farm-to-table approach to food, a naturopathic approach to medications (when possible), offering art and music therapy, along with yoga and tai chi to improve the lives of its residents and the model of elder care. 15 years ago, this would have seemed radical. Now, it makes a whole lot of sense.

When writing this, I found that I’d arrived at the story at just the right moment. Living Well, a non-profit that’s been operating for 10 years, had just purchased Ethan Allen, a traditionally run residential care facility. So I was able to speak with the nursing staff about what it was like to implement the holistic model, and how the residents responded.

Here’s the story of Living Well in Bristol, Vermont.¬†


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