Write On: 7 Tips to Meet the Right Content Writer

I was recently asked to write a blog for The Meeting Pool on how to hire a great content writer. Here are my thoughts, which apply across the board, not just to the meetings market: You know the old saying about the bear and the woods? Well the same idea applies across a lot of […]

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Photo Essay: DIY Marathon, Chicago

Here’s Neil’s lens to our DIY 26-mile walking marathon.

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DIY Marathon: Walking 26.2 Miles in Chicago

(Update! We made the news for our adventure! Read about it here on DNA Info.) The idea was born in San Francisco. We walked from Hotel Triton in Union Square, where we were staying, to the Mission District, in search of the best taco (La Taqueria, hands down), and then we just kept walking. Neil had upgraded […]

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Everything has an end. Only the sausage has two. Auf Wiedersehen Hot Doug’s.

So long, Hot Doug’s! It’s been fun. You were my first Chicago story (I wrote about you for  Southwest Airline’s Spirit Magazine, before I’d even moved to Chicago). You were my second piece in the Washington Post. And you were many a sausage meal along the way. (I still contend that your regular fries are […]

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