How Mya Saved Jacob by Kate Silver

At the ASJA Content Connections conference Nov. 13, keynote speaker Jay Heinrichs said some incredibly kind things about a story that I wrote for Southwest Airline’s Spirit Magazine (Now called Southwest: The Magazine).

Since the magazine doesn’t keep archives for very long–the story ran in 2010–I wanted to share it here.

Thanks for all who have said kind things about the piece. I have to say that, in many ways, the story was the perfect storm. Jacob was the most insightful, introspective, open and welcoming person I’ve ever had the pleasure to write about. And Mya’s puppy raiser kept an incredible journal, which allowed us all to see how much Mya was loved, even behind bars. Last but not least, the editing and vision of Jay, himself, helped me shape what could have been a good story and make it great.

Here’s the piece: HowMyaSavedJacob.


2 thoughts on “How Mya Saved Jacob by Kate Silver

  1. I vividly remember reading your article while on a Southwest flight, and being profoundly moved by it. I have since shared a number of posts about Puppies Behind Bars, which I see as a wonderful program in so many different ways. Thanks for putting the story down so well, in such compelling words. It is a beautiful piece of writing.

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