Everything’s Bigger in Texas, Even The Beatles

I took a lovely winter trip to my hometown of Houston, Texas recently. After a miserable Chicago winter, I was looking forward to fresh air, sunshine and plenty of exercise, and, of course, catching up with my parents and seeing how many visits to Ninfa’s I could fit in one visit (answer: just two, but omg, so good).

The weather didn’t exactly work in my favor. It was “unseasonably” cold. But I did manage to drink a glass of wine outside (with about four layers on and a blanket), go for a couple of runs, eat incredible food, see some enormous waves in Galveston and not have to worry about slipping on ice for a few days. Plus, getting out of the city every so often is good for the blood pressure.

Whenever I go home, I’m on the lookout for something off-the-beaten path to check out. So on our most adventurous day, we had a fabulous lunch at Brennan’s and then headed over to Adickes SculpturWorx Studio, where we saw these 36-foot tall sculptures of The Beatles.

Houston Beatles

My goofy dad was inspired to climb inside one of the giant busts and mug for a shot. Once inside, he proclaimed himself a pinhead. (You can see where I got my sense of humor).

Houston Pap

On our way home, we happened upon a couple of different urban trail rides. It’s rodeo season and these cowboys are fixin ta ride!

Houston Trailride



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