Springtime in Chicago

Chicago is the first place I’ve lived for an extended period of time that really, truly has seasons. And anyone who’s lived through a Chicago winter knows just how important spring is. The first 40-degree day is Prozac for our vitamin D-dampened spirits. Windows are open, sidewalks are filled with people, neighbors re-acquaint with neighbors […]

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3 Powerful Chicago Stories to Read Right Now

The last couple of weeks have seen some awesome journalism coming from women in Chicago. These are the types of stories that I read and they inspire me to want to be a better writer. They also just make me feel warm and fuzzy for the talent here in Chicago. Here are those stories. I […]

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A Haunting Trip to Raven’s Grin Inn

Every year, the month of March rolls around and threatens to age me. I’m not a big birthday party person, but I do like to mark my birthday in some memorable way. And this year, that way involved trekking two and a half hours west, to a small town called Mount Carroll, Illinois, which is […]

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8 Reasons Freelancers Should Rent an Office

  For about six years, I worked at home as a freelance writer, using my home office, or a couch or a chair and sometimes even the bed as I pecked away on my laptop. Then, about three years ago, my sister opened her own consulting business and began renting an office. Her space was […]

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Guide to Chicago, Off the Beaten Path

7 Weird and Wonderful Windy City Finds

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Best Marijuana Dispensary Names, Part III

(Photo by tanjila ahmed) In 2011, I did a roundup of clever marijuana dispensary names across the country. I did a follow up in 2014. It’s one of those industries–like hair salons and bowling leagues–that just begs for creative, punny names. Today, 23 states have legalized marijuana in some form. And with that, the businesses […]

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Good Curling!

As much as I love the fact that winter has ended and spring is here (despite what Mother Nature keeps sputtering at us in Chicago), I am sad to say goodbye, for now, to my latest addiction: curling. Not of the curling iron sort (I said goodbye to that in the 90s). This is of […]

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