3 Powerful Chicago Stories to Read Right Now

The last couple of weeks have seen some awesome journalism coming from women in Chicago. These are the types of stories that I read and they inspire me to want to be a better writer. They also just make me feel warm and fuzzy for the talent here in Chicago.

Here are those stories. I highly recommend you check them out.

  1. Rare photos, interviews honor memory of 8 nurses slain by Richard Speck, by Rosemary Regina Sobol, Chicago Tribune. The headline doesn’t do this piece justice. I spent Sunday morning completely rapt (and occasionally fighting back tears) as Sobol writes with compassion and color about the lives of eight nurses who were killed in 1966 (and one survivor). She succeeds in adding dimension and depth to the stories of these young students, whose manner of death has long overshadowed their lives.
  2. The Rumble, by Claire Bushey, Crain’s Chicago Business. Awesome reporting and vivid writing about the resistance of University of Chicago to Medicine to build an adult trauma center at U of C.
  3. The Reversal, by Kristen Schorsch, Crain’s Chicago Business. Part two of the series (The Rumble and the Reversal), this excellent narrative explores the University of Chicago’s change of heart—and the financial and political reasons behind it.





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