Diary of a Chicago Hotel Reviewer

(These are a few of the photos I took this year, you can see more on my Instagram, @thekatesilver)   A little over a year ago, I was contacted by an editor asking if I’d be interested in reviewing hotels in Chicago for The Telegraph in the UK. It didn’t take too much thought to […]

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A Coincidence, a Vegas Showgirl and a Used SUV

Today, I listened to “No Coincidence, No Story!” on This American Life, and it inspired me to write up my own favorite coincidence story. In 2009, I needed to buy a larger vehicle. I was planning to move across the country, from Las Vegas to Chicago. All of my stuff was going to be transported […]

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Why I (Usually) Abstain from the Grain: Wheat Makes Me Sneeze

I’m coming out of a two-day hangover. Over the weekend, I played a little too hard. Friday night, we ordered Indian food and I had a piece of naan. Saturday, I stopped by Half Acre to pick up a growler for a dinner party, and took three small tastes of three types of beer. Saturday […]

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A turducken of notes

1. First, on the turducken note, Paulina Meat Market have turduckenloaf (not to be confused with the baconbird above). Because the loaf is 10 pounds lighter and about $90 cheaper than the turducken, itself, we’re loafing it this Thanksgiving (along with a 15-pound bird and a five-pound breast, and, from what I understand, the possibility […]

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What’s Next at Next? More Than 600 Fans Chime in

If you haven’t “Liked” Next Restaurant on Facebook, then you’re missing out. This revered Grant Achatz eatery, which ingeniously instituted a ticket system that has foodies all out clamoring to get a table (take my $200+!), has quite a bevy of groupies. Few other websites can, essentially, ask how your day is going and get […]

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Getting Elbow Deep in PlayDoh in the Name of National PlayDoh Day

My friends at The Firm Public Relations & Marketing in Las Vegas have put out a call to action: Sculpt, ye sculptors, with this clay of many colors, for National PlayDoh Day is upon us September 16, 2012. Actually, they sent me a bunch of cute little PlayDoh containers in the mail, appealed to my […]

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Chevy Runs Deep (check out my latest writing for my newest corporate client)

New client alert! I’m excited to announce that I’m now contributing to Chevy Culture, a lifestyle and auto site sponsored by Chevrolet. Click through for the full post on Chevy Culture, and come back in the next few weeks and months for more. http://spr.ly/fm12 Which brings me to another topic. Not surprisingly, the world for […]

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