Springtime in Chicago

Chicago is the first place I’ve lived for an extended period of time that really, truly has seasons. And anyone who’s lived through a Chicago winter knows just how important spring is. The first 40-degree day is Prozac for our vitamin D-dampened spirits. Windows are open, sidewalks are filled with people, neighbors re-acquaint with neighbors […]

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Good Curling!

As much as I love the fact that winter has ended and spring is here (despite what Mother Nature keeps sputtering at us in Chicago), I am sad to say goodbye, for now, to my latest addiction: curling. Not of the curling iron sort (I said goodbye to that in the 90s). This is of […]

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The Sweetest Class in Chicago: Chocolate 101 at Chocolat Uzma Sharif

I first visited Chocolat Uzma Sharif during our World’s Slowest Marathon, which I wrote about for Men’s Health. It was proper fuel, indeed.  A few weeks ago, I discovered that my favorite Chicago chocolate shop, Chocolat Uzma Sharif, offers a Chocolate 101 workshop (I highlighted the class in a piece I wrote for Midwest Living, which you […]

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