A Roundup of Juggalo/Juggalette Tweets and Stuff from ICP The Gathering

Last weekend was the annual The Gathering, a miraculous magnet for Insane Clown Posse fans, aka juggalos and juggaletttes, held in Cave-in-Rock, Illinois, at Hog Rock. I did not attend the fest, but I’ve been absorbing all that was from afar. The images, they abound. I recently discovered the poetry of ICP (like these lyrics, […]

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Sir Paul McCartney

I admit it. I was hesitant to see the Paul McCartney concert August 1 at Wrigley Field for a couple of reasons. First, I’m not a fan of his solo stuff. Second, he yelled at me. It was in 2006. Beatles LOVE opened in Las Vegas. I was a stringer for People magazine, working the […]

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Groovy Kind of Love for This American Life, Starlee Kine and Phil Collins

I listened to a This American Life this weekend that was a double-miler. That is, I set out to run a certain amount, and got so into the podcast I doubled the amount just so I could keep listening–and it’s still on my mind. It was an episode called “Break-Up,” and it dates back to […]

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Brand New Key

I heard this ’70’s song, “Brand New Key,” by Melanie, for the first time, and it’s been in my head for days. I looked around online to see if it’s old or new (it’s so catchy and simple it could have been made at any time) and I found this cool video that someone made […]

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Bright’s Passage

Josh Ritter has a book coming out June 28, called “Bright’s Passage.” The first chapter is available for free download on his website, joshritter.com. I read it, and it reads very much like a less poetic version of a Josh Ritter song–religious imagery, war, tragedy and an angel. I’m curious to read more…. I’ll keep […]

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