A Haunting Trip to Raven’s Grin Inn

Every year, the month of March rolls around and threatens to age me. I’m not a big birthday party person, but I do like to mark my birthday in some memorable way. And this year, that way involved trekking two and a half hours west, to a small town called Mount Carroll, Illinois, which is […]

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Good Curling!

As much as I love the fact that winter has ended and spring is here (despite what Mother Nature keeps sputtering at us in Chicago), I am sad to say goodbye, for now, to my latest addiction: curling. Not of the curling iron sort (I said goodbye to that in the 90s). This is of […]

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A Coincidence, a Vegas Showgirl and a Used SUV

Today, I listened to “No Coincidence, No Story!” on This American Life, and it inspired me to write up my own favorite coincidence story. In 2009, I needed to buy a larger vehicle. I was planning to move across the country, from Las Vegas to Chicago. All of my stuff was going to be transported […]

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Spanx For Men. They exist.

Happened upon Spanx for men at Nordstrom the other day and had to take a photo. Next step: Convince Neil to wear them so he can guest blog a review. Advertisements

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Elves on Ice

Since we’re in the holiday spirit, I wanted to post a piece I wrote on my elf tour in Iceland. The following is published in the December issue of Luxury Las Vegas magazine: Elves on Ice In Iceland, the holidays are the best time to spot the elfin population. The ‘Hidden Worlds’ tour gives insight […]

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Are You Out of Your Gourd? Then Head to These Extreme Celebrations of Pumpkin

It’s pumpkin patch season, and in Chicago, that means big business for area farms, who don’t just sell pumpkins, they sell admission to an entire autumnal carnival, chock-a-block with camel rides, pig races, pony rides, petting zoos, kettle corn, maize mazes and the list goes on. Tomorrow, I’m going to Goebberts Pumpkin Patch, which has […]

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