Best Marijuana Dispensary Names Part 2


It’s been a couple of years since I wrote a blog on the best medical marijuana dispensary names, and oh how times have changed. Clinics have grown like weed(s)! Now that purveyors of pot no longer have to even pretend to be medicine men and women–in Colorado, at least–let’s revisit. Here are some of my favorites (also, try typing “marijuana” into Yelp….it feels funny!):

The Giving Tree of Denver

Ganja Gourmet

Alice’s Secret Garden

The Releaf Center

Mile High Green Cross

The Secret Stash

Marijuana University

Speed Weed Delivery Service

Another World Chronic

Nirvana Clinic

The Honey Spot

The Coughy Shop

Kush Mart

Grand Daddy Purp

LA Kush Hemporium


Mr. Greens Collective

Grass Roots

Bloom Room

The Canny Bus

Green Lion Farms

Julie’s Market Medibles

Herban Legends

Rip City Remedies

Bay Leaf 2

GLD (Green Light District)

Fweedom Collective

Grateful Meds

The Kine Mine

Puffin’ Stuff

Bud Cellar

Grasshopper Collective

Weedidit Association

Potshots Delivery Service

The Green Banana Stand

Purple Dinosaur Delivery Service

Calm and Collective

Dr. Feel Good Holistic Healing

Green Thumbs Up Collective


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